Russian soldiers holding Soviet weapons and Russian fighter planes in the background: a poster posted by an official Donald Trump campaign support committee, supposed to promote support for American troops, is a complete failure.

On September 8, the Trump Make America Great Again committee, co-managed by the Republican National Committee and Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign Team, posted this poster online, with the message: “Support Our Troops “. But as the site noted Politico, the poster is nothing original: it was taken from the site, an image bank, where it had been published under the title: “Military silhouettes of soldiers and air forces against the backdrop of the sunset”.

The poster actually shows Russian soldiers and a MiG-29, a fighter plane developed by the Soviet army.

Artur Zakirov, the designer of the original image, made in 2015, explains to Politico that he assembled several elements, including a promotional image of Russian soldiers and a 3D computer-generated image of MiG-29, a fighter aircraft developed at the time. of the USSR. “It’s a completely recreated scene, from different photos I took,” he explains, detailing that the sky is photographed in Russia, the mountains in Greece, and the ground in France.

Also quoted by Politico, Pierre Sprey, an American engineer who participated in the development of the F-15 and A-10 planes, confirms that the plane in the background is not a model used by the military of the American air. “It’s definitely a MiG-29. I am delighted to see that he is supporting our troops, ”he quipped.

Wassim Nasr, a reporter for France 24, also noted on Twitter on September 15 that the weapon the soldiers are holding is an AK-74, a Soviet-made automatic weapon … never used by an American soldier.

Ironically, the MiG-29 was developed and launched in 1977 by the USSR in response to the American F-15s and F-16s.

The poster remained online from September 8 to 13, before being withdrawn by Donald Trump’s campaign teams.

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