The future Xbox at a low price, the S Series, will not support the improvements that could have been made on the titles of One or Xbox 360 so that they run better on the current one Xbox one x.

All the old games which will be executed on the Microsoft platform will run as on the … One S. They will then be optimized by the console in ” the best possible conditions and respecting the original ideas of the developers “According to a statement from MS made to the site VGC.

The change in architecture AMD APU would be for nothing. But the S Series, on the other hand, has less RAM than the One X. And that would be one of the main causes of this “incompatibility” in the area of ​​backward compatibility.

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Increased number of images per second displayed on the screen, HDR support or even increased definition: the developers had worked hard to make the One X make their titles prettier. It had sometimes taken them months to refine everything and fine-tune it down to the smallest detail.

The S Series will handle the improvements on its own

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No need to go back to work: the Xbox Series S would take care of it … even if we ask to see. From our point of view, it is quite possible that the developers still have an operation to perform: that of implementing a sort of “Series S” profile in their game.

Microsoft claims that players ” can expect more polished textures, larger and more stable frames per second numbers and levels, faster load times, as well as Auto HDR “.

Sources: VGC via Eurogamer

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