On a trip to Germany, Elon Musk gives a preview of the Volkswagen ID.3


When Elon Musk travels to Germany, it’s not just to keep up with the construction of his Berlin Gigafactory, it’s also to try out the latest electric Volkswagen. Indeed, the iconic Tesla boss took the opportunity of his trip to Europe to meet Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, but also to have a preview of theID.3, the brand’s first 100% electric vehicle.

Obviously, a summit meeting between these two representatives could not lead to anything other than rumors of collaboration between the two entities. These speculations are quite logical as Elon Musk has never really closed the door to future partnerships with manufacturers who would like to use Tesla OS and its Autopilot. These hallways noises were immediately denied by Diess himself, who posted a video of the sequence on Linkedin and said: “ To be clear, we just took a tour of ID.3 and had a chat, there is no cooperation going on. “.

The Volkswagen ID.3 has been available for pre-order since May 9. Its first deliveries are expected at the end of September. After knowing some software difficulties which disrupted its final months of development, VW’s first all-electric car looks well and truly ready. But the video published by Dieter Diess reserves another surprise. Indeed, at the end of the sequence, when the two men return to the starting point, another vehicle is present in the image. This is the future ID.4, which will be formalized at the end of the month.

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