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No more heavy or inappropriate jokes in PlayStation audio chats. With the PS5, which will be available on November 19, users will be able to record audio chats they have with other users. And, if necessary, they can send these recordings to Sony for moderation. The objective is that the exchanges remain cordial and respect the code of conduct issued by the supplier.

This new “feature” was revealed by PS4 users who installed their system update 8.0 and saw a bizarre alert: “Audio chats can be saved for moderation. By logging in, you agree to be registered “.

The explanation is simple: While the registration option is not available on PS4, a PS4 user will be able to register with a PS5 user. Obviously, this message was not greeted with joy and good humor. Hopefully this feature will not create an atmosphere of unhealthy surveillance and denunciation on the platform.

Source: The Verge

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