One of the upcoming Windows 10 updates will notify you about the health of your SSD in real time


Your SSD will die in … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1. One of the next tools implemented in Windows 10 by Microsoft will provide you with real-time information on the health of the memory modules of your SSD in NVMe format.

Thus, in Build 20226 currently being tested with Insiders, user-testers, Microsoft made sure to provide them with a first version of this tool so that they can test it and give them feedback in order to ‘improve.

As the SSD is monitored in real time, at the slightest problem, Windows sends a message to the user advising him to save his data and run scans on the drives through the menu. Management.

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For those who want ” prevent rather than cure », It is also possible to access real-time monitoring through the menu of Settings (Settings / System / Storage / Manage disks and volumes / Properties).

As a reminder, the SSD is more fragile in constitution than the cylinders of our conventional hard drives and can therefore fail much faster, depending on the use made of it. Microsoft’s idea is therefore welcome.

In addition to the bugs fixed and the improvements made to the OS, Build 20226 offers other new features. The main ones will be observed on the side of Your Phone app, support for compressed files in OneDrive, or sync desktop themes when switching from one PC to another using the same Microsoft account.

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