Oppo unveils Reno 4 Pro, an ultra-thin smartphone that charges in 32 minutes


Believe it or not, smartphone makers are very interested in Christmas. Each year, it is during the months of September and October that the most mobiles are announced, generally a few days apart. Thus, after Samsung, Xiaomi and Google (and pending OnePlus, Apple and Huawei), Oppo today unveils its new Reno range. Like the Find X2 released at the start of the year, this generation is much more mature than the previous one. Finished shark fin gadget, the Reno 4 are smartphones with a more traditional design, which does not detract from their elegance.

Fineness and lightness in the spotlight

Aesthetically, the Reno 4 Pro is perhaps one of the most successful devices of the year. The very slightly curved OLED screen of this smartphone, with a diagonal of 6.5 inches and with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, really gives a high-end impression. All this is all the more pleasant as the device weighs only 172 grams and is only 7.6 millimeters thick. In hand, hard not to be impressed. Oppo hits hard.

The back of the Reno 4 Pro, offered in an anti-reflective glass coating called “Reno Glow”, has been designed not to take fingerprints. If you are not afraid to walk around without a shell, then it has all the ideal material. For the second time this year, Oppo shows us the excellence of its designers.

Compatible with SuperVOOC 2.0 ultra-fast charging (65W), the Oppo Reno 4 can be recharged in just 36 minutes according to the Chinese brand. Our first measurements are even more encouraging… it only took us 32 minutes to fully charge the device. This allows the Reno 4 Pro and its 4000mAh dual battery to take the lead in our ranking (the smartphone has two batteries, an effective anti-heating system during ultra-fast charging).

Technically, the Reno 4 Pro falls into the mid-range category… although most of its features are quite high-end. This is the Snapdragon 765G processor that equips this device, but coupled with 12 GB of RAM! An original duo. There is also 256 GB for storage in this smartphone as well as a very promising triple camera module. Indeed, in addition to its main 48 Mpix sensor, the Reno 4 Pro has an ultra wide-angle attached to a giant 12 Mpix sensor (the latter allows to shoot natively in 16: 9) and a telephoto lens with zoom x2 optics attached to a 13 Mpix sensor. The brand promises ultra stable videos day and night thanks to this configuration.

The Oppo Reno 4 Pro will be marketed with all operators and many resellers from October 22 at a price of 799 euros.

Reno 4 and Reno 4Z: less good … less expensive

Very similar to the Reno 4 Pro, the Reno 4 uses the same processor, has the same ultra-fast charging technology, a battery of similar capacity (4020 mAh) and is almost as thin and light (7.8mm , 183g). However, this device makes some concessions in terms of display, in particular abandoning the curved screen in favor of a flat screen. We stay on the 90 Hz AMOLED, this time with two punched front sensors (wide angle and ultra wide angle).

The Reno 4’s triple camera module is also less versatile. The main 48 Mpix sensor is the same, the other two are different. We are thus satisfied with an ultra wide-angle attached to an 8 Mpix sensor and a 2 Mpix monochrome sensor. With the Reno 4, the zoom is digital.

Finally, the Reno 4Z is a mid-range smartphone that doesn’t share much with its two big brothers. The design is different, the screen is LCD (but 120 Hz), the less powerful processor (MediaTek Dimensity 800)… Even the camera module of this device has nothing to do with it. It is in this case a quadruple camera module with a main 48 Mpix sensor, an ultra wide-angle attached to a 16 Mpix sensor and… two separate monochrome sensors. The device is satisfied with a fast recharge of 18W.

Also marketed from October 22, the Reno 4 and Reno 4Z cost 549 and 379 euros respectively. This range, in addition to the Find X2 at the start of the year, should help Oppo expand its notoriety.

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