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Different sports will require different optimal excitement to achieve inspiring athletic performance. In a game of American football, rugby, and weightlifting as you can imagine, the higher the level of excitement, the greater the strength, aggressiveness and power generated. In this type of sport, it’s all about overpowering your opponents for peak performance in the sport. In other finer sports like archery, shooting and gymnastics, high levels of anxiety can hinder peak performance in sports rather than promote. Under such conditions, it is necessary to reduce our arousal levels to levels appropriate for athletic success. Competitions are unique situations that raise the excitement of the occasion. It is therefore necessary in any competition to manage the levels of excitement felt by the athletes.

Increased arousal levels

1. Listen to inspiring music

Music is a powerful tool to increase your arousal level and achieve inspiring athletic performance. Before the competition, you can listen to some really inspiring music to increase your excitement to an optimal level. Listening to Rocky soundtracks or similar themed music has a huge effect on arousal level. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. Know your arousal limits and keep them there.

2. Psyche through self-talk and team discussions

Team talks and self-discussion are also powerful techniques for raising arousal levels and improving inspiring athletic performance. Team discussions are usually led by the coach or captain who needs to be proficient in this area to increase the team’s stake before the match. Strong language, determined language and aggressive gestures are often associated with good, stimulating team speech. But the best ingredient in a good team motivational talk is actually sharing a common purpose and feeling among teammates. This will help everyone feel united and passionate about the game. In individual sports, you can do this on your own by talking to yourself or more effectively with someone who is closely related to you. The coach or parent often plays this role.

3. Visualization of powerful events

You can also use the Powerful Event Visualization to increase the tempo before your match for inspiring athletic performance. For example, if you’re a linebacker, you can imagine your best sacking ever. Repeat the images over and over again so that your mind is flooded with powerful emotions of excitement. Another form of visualization that could help you is imagining the end result of your game, soaking up the party atmosphere associated with winning.

Decreased arousal levels

1. Respiratory control

When it is necessary to reduce the level of arousal, breathing control techniques can be helpful in achieving inspiring athletic performance. Once you find that your heart is beating too fast or you start to feel a butterfly in your belly, shift your focus and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling slowly, focusing on each breath at a time. By slowing down a physiological response, your other anxiety responses will also slow down, resulting in a calmer person.

2. Visualization of calming events

You can also use the visualization of calming events to reduce arousal levels and thus achieve inspiring athletic performance. When you start to feel overly excited before a sporting task, shift your thinking towards a relaxing and calming one. You might want to imagine yourself dancing slowly or lying on the beach at your favorite rest stop. Temporarily closing your eyes can also help. It’s also a good idea to store a list of your favorite scenes so you can switch to them once you need to.

The arousal levels will rise and fall more and more over the situation. Most competitions will increase the level of excitement which might become too unhealthy for inspiring athletic performance. The good thing is that there are ways to manipulate arousal levels. After all, arousal levels are physiological in nature. Just like an illness, it can be treated, as can arousal levels.

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