As expected, Orange today unveiled its “4G plans compatible with 5G” available today. Remember that the new standard will not be launched before the end of the year in France. The historical operator specifies that its 5G network will be available in December.

Orange, rather thrifty in data until then, offers four very generous offers with 70, 100, 150 GB, but also and above all, an unlimited plan. It’s a first. He broke a taboo and joined Free Mobile which was the only one until then to offer such a formula.

From 40 to 95 euros

On the price side, the increase is there. It will cost 40 to 95 euros per month for subscribers to have 5G. It takes 5 euros more to benefit from 70 GB of data in 5G compared to 4G alone. But in general, the plans are much more advantageous for Open customers, who have access to a price of about 10 euros less than others. A promotion is typically granted during the first 12 months of subscription, which represents savings of 15 euros.

It will be observed that despite everything, these prices remain relatively lower than those charged by certain countries such as the United States where the packages exceed the hundred euros.

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