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Teleworking being generalized and encouraged, your equipment must be optimized as much as possible so that you can work in these particular conditions. In order to help you in this quest, our team crisscrossed the various e-commerce sites as well as their promotions. Below, you will find an external hard drive, a PC in pack, a keyboard with a mouse, a screen as well as a Wi-Fi router.

Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB hard drive at 74.99 euros at Cdiscount

In order to store data or work files, your PC may be overloaded with software. In order to have a device entirely dedicated to your work files, you must equip yourself with an external hard drive. The Cdiscount site therefore offers the Toshiba Canvio Basics in promotion. This is a product with a storage capacity of 2 TB and USB 3.0 connectivity. It is a product exclusively compatible with Windows. At Cdiscount, the product is sold at a price of 74.99 euros instead of 97.98 euros.

Buy the hard drive in promotion on Cdiscount

The pack containing an HP PC containing a mouse and a cover at a price of 499 euros on the Darty site

The previous containment may have brought to light failures on your equipment. If you want to preserve your personal PC, the Darty site offers a pack including an HP 14S-DQ1009 NF laptop PC with in addition a mouse and a storage bag. This pack usually marketed at a price of 599 euros is in promotion at 499 euros. In addition to this promotion, Darty offers you a special offer of 50 euros for a year of subscription to Microsoft 365 Family which is sold at 99 euros.

The HP pack with the Microsoft 365 subscription on sale at Darty

A Logitech keyboard and mouse set at 49 euros on the Fnac website

Your home equipment can be completely gaming oriented. The consequence is that the keyboard as well as the mouse present on your computer are not optimized for the work. Fnac offers a set containing an Azerty keyboard as well as a Logitech brand mouse. Both products are wireless, powered by a Bluetooth connection and compatible with Windows. The set is marketed at a price of 49 euros instead of 69 euros on the Fnac site.

The Logitech set in reduction on the Fnac site

The 31.5-inch HP 32s screen for less than 200 euros on the Fnac website

Widespread containment may have forced you to bring your desktop PC to your home. To be able to work in good conditions, it is possible to afford a screen with nice features. Fnac offers the HP 32S screen with a size of 31.5 inches. This corresponds to approximately 78 centimeters diagonal with a brightness of 250 cd / m² with a response rate of 5 milliseconds. This panel with LED backlighting offers you HDMI and VGA video inputs. The screen is sold at 199 euros instead of 279 euros.

The HP screen at less than 200 euros on the Fnac website

The Netgear Orbi router in a pack from 2 to 349 euros at Boulanger

With all of your family locked away in your home, the Wi-Fi connection may not be optimal for work. With a Wi-Fi router, you won’t have any speed problems for your meetings on Teams. On the Boulanger site, the two Netgear Orbi RBK50 Mesh routers are currently on sale. They are currently sold for 349 euros instead of 399 euros. You just need to connect an ethernet cable from your internet box to use it.

Netgear routers on sale at Boulanger

The promotions mentioned in this article may be ephemeral and may no longer be valid after the publication date of the article.

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