Last weekend, the site PatentlyApple spotted and commented on a patent published in early October by the USPTO (the US Federal Patent Office). It concerns MagSafe, one of the technologies presented last week by Apple. Several avenues for using the technology are detailed in these documents, all put to use iPhone 12.

The most interesting concerns a shell equipped with an additional battery – like the current Smart Battery Case– which could also charge Apple’s wireless headphones, AirPods (classic or Pro), in addition to that of the smartphone.

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There is no indication that this would be a special model of Smart Battery Case with an integrated AirPods charging unit or rather a charging module to come magnetize on a shell of this type. A module that should be bought separately.

It seems that Apple engineers have explored two avenues for the location of this docking and charging block.

  • The first clearly highlights a module to be placed on the back of the shell, just above the battery.
  • The second, more daring, describes a support that would be grafted on the front face and on the side of the MagSafe cover. The headphones would slip into the side housings.

Of course, like many patents filed by Apple, it is by no means certain that what is described here actually materializes. Cupertino generally files a lot of patents to protect his ideas rather than to make them all come true.

A hull model type Smart Cover for iPad is also described and schematized in these same documents. This accessory would for its part carry three additional batteries. Would MagSafe also invite itself to the party soon in the world of tablets?

Sources : PatentlyApple via 9to5Mac

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