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According to the research firm Canalys, the PC market has once again jumped 12.7% in the third quarter of this year. The first quarter was complicated due to plant closures in Asia and this, despite growth observed in 2019. However, the observed recovery in the second trimester suggested that the third would be good even if any doubts remained.

No more doubts possible: it is indeed the case. Here we go again ! The numbers had never reached such peaks since 2011. These are 64 million Laptops (Chromebook included) which have been shipped worldwide in recent months (up from 64.6 million in 2011). This is more than 28.3% more than last year at the same time. The trio of brands sharing the podium is again, in order, Lenovo, HP and Dell for the third consecutive quarter.

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Companies and governments need to re-equip themselves massively

While it is individuals who are most equipped in the second quarter, small and medium-sized enterprises, governments and education circles (purchasing by ministries, for example) mobilize the resources of the distribution and sales channels of Laptops currently. Learning must continue, institutions must be able to function and businesses (especially in the tertiary sector) must not be put on hold.

In contrast, desktop PCs do not benefit as much from this recovery momentum. Shipments fell 26% in the third quarter. However, this should start to rise again in the coming weeks with the increasingly massive availability of new GPUs. Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series and the arrival of AMD Radeon RX 6000. Without forgetting that the imminent AMD Ryzen 5000 processors are expected for next month.

According to Canalys, Lenovo regains its position as market leader with more than 24.3% market share in the third quarter (+ 11.4% growth for 2020), followed by HP and its 23.6% (+11, 9% growth for 2020). Dell continues to occupy the third step of the podium with 15.1% market share (down 0.5% for 2020). Finally, Apple and Acer bring up the rear with 8.1% and 7.1% respectively (+ 13.2 and + 15%).

The ‘best is yet to come’ for the PC market

Firm analysts Canalys believe that the second wave of pandemic which is observed in multiple countries will further accelerate the demand for equipment and the development of new ways of working.

The creation of collaborative platforms and the need to be equipped with audio / video equipment for meetings will also promote re-equipment. Finally, gaming segments and education are not expected to stop growing in the coming months. The end of the year celebrations could well also be a big vector of stabilization and growth for the PC.

Source: Canalys

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