First and foremost, my hat goes to every coach, mentor, administrator and stakeholder who has contributed to the student athlete in the past as well as those who continue to be involved in the lives of student athletes and communities in America. The time and effort spent in training is enormous in terms of X and O, and most importantly, the personal life of the student-athlete, involving people, places and situations. Coaches are true role models and have an impact on the lives of players. LIVE THE COACH LONG!

Pennsylvania football is known as one of America’s greatest traditions. Players such as Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Joe Montana and dozens of other renowned players have established themselves, the state and others, as the “birthplace” and backbone of high school American football. Additionally, coaches from Pennsylvania like Curry (Berwick), Bernat (Owen J. Roberts), Waller (Ridley), Pettine (CBWest), etc. represented what student athlete leadership should be both on and off the field. I have personally met Coach Hank Bernat, in more than one way, and believe me, he’s a COACH! These motivating, inspiring, dedicated and powerful mentors have sought to ensure that the student-athlete is successful in education and in the community. Coaches at Penn’s Woods, Pa. Made sure every player understood the realities of life and that it was imperative to become a productive citizen in America. The greatest all-rounder in Pennsylvania that people have told me about and witnessed in terms of leadership, and emphasizing the try and heal mentality was the one and only Jerry Sandusky. Do I have to say more?

In many unsuccessful and successful football programs in 21st century high school communities, educators and coaches are pressured to achieve positive results by winning, either by undermining or by gaining real support, preparation and school education. The question remains, what is the coach’s intention? Does he use the student-athlete as a pawn for his future success, or does he care about the student first? This has a profound impact on the integrity of its mission and especially on the student-athlete! This environment can create an unhealthy culture as well as poor value production internally within a school society and is infiltrated into the community and American society. This negative domino effect is the end result not only of losing in the game of life, but instills a stale atmosphere within the school establishment in terms of sports and other social aspects.


A reminder, not an introduction, the Ridley Raiders continue to be the Pennsylvania team and one of America’s traditional soccer teams. Established in 1934, the Ridley football program has reached the 500-win mark “30” years faster than any other program in the state! Plus, to testify to their tradition and success, the Ridley Raiders have the best winning percentages in Pennsylvania and the nation’s highest winning percentages at 25%! A traditional school society supported and supported by all stakeholders, including students, teachers, administrators and an exceptional “blue collar” community. The fans, made up of traditional family members and others new to the community, embrace the ‘blue collar’ work ethic and the city and are dedicated to the students, the community, the coaches and the community. ‘team. This action is somewhat unknown in many school societies in various fields of secondary education. This is what makes the Ridley Congregation a winner in a geographic area (Philadelphia) that is not just a football tradition, but is the foundation of America’s history and birthplace ( Declaration of Independence).

Stakeholders in American high schools and post-secondary education should focus on the successes of the student-athlete first and the money, fame, as well as aspirations to succeed, could fall in line if this was meant to be! Take care of the student athlete! Just ask higher education coaches and motivators such as Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, Jackie Sherrill, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Bowden, RC Slocum, Don Nehlen, Bo Schinbeckler, Tom Osborne, Paul Bryant and many more. others who continue or have motivated and taught the student-athlete to be strong, productive citizens on and off the field. HELLO TO RIDLEY RAIDERS!

Source by Scott Glenn

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