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Most of us love outdoor games and recreation. Basketball, baseball, football, tennis, you name it. But if you are interested in playing without having to go out, ping pong or table tennis is for you. It has the same basics with tennis but instead of playing on the court, you play it on a green table. The net is the boundary between you and your opponent. The object of the game is to throw the ball towards your opponent’s area and it should hit their table and he or she should return it to your side of the table to create a stable game. The score is up to 12. When a player fails to hit it and raise it means a score for his opponent. If the ball hits the net, the player throwing it towards the net loses his stroke.

A ball that hits the edge is considered a foul. The game goes on and on and the first player to score 12 or Love, a ping pong term, wins the game. While you are playing you unknowingly discipline yourself, your hand especially when you maneuver your shots so that the ball stays inside the playing area. Because in table tennis the table has space. limited, you need to be extra careful about where your ball will land, disciplining your stroke and strength.

Ping-pong or table tennis is a fairly enjoyable sport. Anyone can play the game. It is best when the weather prevents you from going out. Why not play ping-pong indoors? Whenever the daily stress seems too much to bear and you just want to kick back, get up, grab this handy racket and head to your green table with someone for a healthy and relaxing game of ping pong.

Source by Sonia Llesol

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