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France 24 receives Alain Fischer, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the anti-Covid-19 vaccine strategy (COSV). He hails a “significant first step” as 10 million French people have received their first injection of the vaccine, even if “a lot remains to be done”. The return to a more normal life depends, according to him, on the circulation of the virus, hence the need to maintain for the moment measures to slow it down. He believes that people over the age of 55 have no “reason to be suspicious” of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which is “safe and effective”.

Also pediatrician and professor of immunology, Alain Fischer declares that “children will have to be vaccinated, if the number of adults vaccinated in the summer is not sufficient”, in order to achieve collective immunity. He also believes that imposing vaccination would represent “a failure”: we must explain to those who are reluctant that vaccination is “our collective interest as personal”.

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