For a few minutes, it has been possible to reserve a Xbox Series X or a Xbox Series S in many points of sale. A few hours earlier, Microsoft unveiled on its blog the list of Xbox accessories available on the day of the console’s launch. Retail review.

A blue controller and a USB-C battery

In addition to the Carbon Black (Series X) and Robot White (Series S) controllers, Microsoft will launch a Shock Blue controller on November 10. Very successful visually, the latter sports a mixture of electric blue, black and white. It is by far the most showy of the next-gen controllers yet.

By the way, Microsoft takes the opportunity to update its controller for PC. If you order a controller to play on your computer today, you will receive an Xbox Series Controller (in its black version) on November 10. Microsoft still offers two packs, one with a wireless adapter, the other with a USB Type-C cable. If your PC is compatible, it is still possible to connect by Bluetooth regardless of the model chosen.

You know if you’re an Xbox gamer, Microsoft’s controllers are powered by batteries instead of a built-in battery. For those who are annoyed, Microsoft will relaunch its rechargeable external battery which is inserted into the slot usually reserved for batteries. New in 2020, Micro USB gives way to USB Type-C. It’s more consistent.

Xbox Design Lab closes October 14

Finally, Microsoft announces the closure of its virtual store to customize the controllers on October 14. It will be relaunched in 2021, with the Xbox Series generation.

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