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Nowadays children, in addition to going to school, play a sport, mainly a team sport. And like so many things, it also has its pros and cons on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Which decision one is bigger, the pros or cons depends on the point of view of parents and children.

Emotional benefits:

– They will learn the value of teamwork

– They will learn to work in a team

– They will develop their ability to trust someone else

– They will learn to select trusted people

– They will make more friends

Emotional disadvantages:

– the pressure to be the best

– the possibility of not being the best

– the possible emotional implications of not being the best can affect a child’s self-esteem

Mental Benefits:

– physical activity stimulates the brain

– sport is a way to release stress and pressure from school, therefore, after the exercises, the lessons will automatically be easier to understand and learn

Mental disadvantages:

– competitive sport takes precedence over children’s education

– learning can be neglected

– lack of mental challenge

Physical benefits:

– they will learn the benefits of being fit, flexible and strong

– it ensures excellent and healthy growth of the child’s body

– they will be protected by obesity

Physical disadvantages:

– the danger of long-term injury

– early overuse of joints, ligaments and muscles can lead to joint and tendon problems, arthritis, back and neck problems

These questions need to be considered over and over again before deciding what type of sport your child will play.

Source by Esmeralda Dean

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