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Sony is sticking to its line. Just as there will be exclusive games to the PS5 when exiting the console, its DualSense controllers will not be PS4 compatible. We suspected it. On the other hand, the DualShock 4 – the paddles from the current Sony console – can be paired with the PS5 but only for playing to games … PS4. No PS5 game will be controllable with your current controller. In a post posted on the official PlayStation blog, the brand explains:

“We believe that PS5 games should fully exploit the potential of the new technical and hardware platform and that also includes the DualSense controller. […] the official DualShock 4 controllers as well as some official models of partner brands will be recognized by the console when PS4 compatible games run on the PS5 ”.

For now, Sony has not disclosed the compatible games in question. Nor what were controllers manufactured under license and associable to the new console. In the latter case, Sony invites players to visit the manufacturer’s site in good time.

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The other accessories will be compatible

However, if the controllers are not supported, Sony assures that it has taken steps to ensure that all other gaming accessories such as headsets with microphone, steering wheels, joysticks or even the PS Move and the VR Aim Controller (the gun-shaped accessory for use with the PSVR) are compatible.

The DualSense – the controller of the PS5 – is not a simple evolution of the DualShocks, in Sony’s eyes, but is indeed a new gaming accessory.

No doubt a polite way of pointing out to Microsoft as the Serie X controller is just an evolution of the current One paddle board and will not add anything new to the player in terms of experience.

Source: Sony US

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