PS5, Apple keynote, takeover of ARM by Nvidia … All the tech news of the week in summary


A week after Microsoft, Sony has therefore ended up drawing its next PlayStation. Two versions will also be offered, one with a Blu-ray player, the other in “Digital Edition” dedicated only to dematerialized games. Apple’s superstar product, however, was largely absent from the manufacturer’s keynote. The honor went to Apple Watch (Series 6 and SE) and iPad (from 8e generation and Air) and new services (Fitness +). Finally, the merger between Nvidia and ARM is the business news of the week. These semiconductor giants will particularly want to break into artificial intelligence.

The PS5 reveals all its strengths

The Sony console will be available on November 19 in France. Two versions will be offered, with or without Blu-ray player, for a price of 499 or 399 euros. Final Fantasy XVI and Spider-Man will be part of the launch line-up. But it will now be necessary to pay 80 euros to afford them instead of the usual 70 euros for major titles on PS4. The same goes for the price of controllers which jumped from 60 to 70 euros. But that didn’t stop the console from breaking out on day one of pre-orders.

Watches, iPads, but no iPhone 12

As expected, Apple did not finally present its new smartphone; for the first time in a September keynote. Instead, the Apple Watch Series 6 was the star of the conference, especially with its new blood oxygen measurement system. The SE version offers the same design and essential features for a price of 299 euros.
IPad 8e generation has been noticeably overshadowed by the new iPad Air looking iPad Pro which boasts Apple’s new A14 chip. Finally, the brand introduced its new home sports service Fitness + and an Apple One subscription bundle. See you in October to witness the launch of the iPhone 12 this time around.

Nvidia and ARM make common cause

Nivdia spent $ 40 billion (including $ 21 billion in shares) to buy Britain’s ARM. The graphics card specialist offers itself here one of the benchmarks of semiconductors whose architecture is considered the future of our chips. On the program: opening of a supercomputer in the United Kingdom and expertise in processing calculations linked to artificial intelligence. A collaboration between two nuggets that risks creating sparks.

5G is still the subject of debate

After a column published by elected environmentalists and left calling for a moratorium on 5G, the executive dismissed the proposal with the back of the hand. The auctions for part of the 5G frequencies will indeed be launched this month. The government is supported in its decision by a report that has been submitted to it. It studies data from 26 countries where 5G has been launched. He believes that the increase in exposure to waves is moderate and has no adverse effects in the short term.

Pixel 5 launched on September 30

The next generation of smartphones from Google will be presented at the end of the month. This Pixel 5 will be 5G, just like a variation of the Pixel 4a, already available in 4G. A new Chromecast with remote control will also be featured, as will a new Nest smart speaker that swivels horizontally and vertically.

So much for this summary of the news for the week of September 14 to 18, 2020. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday for a new episode.

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