PS5 vs Xbox, Facebook vs Europe, Amazon news… All the tech news of the week


This week, TikTok has seen it all. Banned, then saved, then back in the hot seat, the social network of Chinese origin still does not know if it will still be active in the United States in the coming hours.
At the same time, Microsoft opened pre-orders for its new Xboxes. Finally, at Tesla, we continue to work on the electric cars of tomorrow. To lower prices, Elon Musk’s company wants to manufacture its own batteries.

Facebook and Instagram against Europe

The Irish CNIL wants the data of European users of Facebook and Instagram to be stored in Europe. This decision does not suit the social network at all, which simply threatened to leave this market if it had to transfer its servers, which is “Infeasible in practice” according to him. Of course, it can also be a bluff.

Facebook and Instagram could stop working in Europe

PS5 vs. Xbox, the console war

A week after Sony, Microsoft’s turn to open pre-orders for its new Xboxes. The Series X looks set to be as successful as the PS5 and is also experiencing stockouts.

Overall Microsoft has had a pretty good week. The company has bought Bethesda and will integrate all of its licenses into the Game Pass (Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout…). The American giant has also launched its service Streaming Console in beta.

Xbox Series: first wave of pre-orders completed, Series X sold out
Microsoft buyout of Bethesda: will future games also be available on PS5?
Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft’s service gained five million subscribers in just six months
You can now stream your Xbox games for free on Android

For its part, Sony apologized for the disastrous management of its pre-orders. Promised, he intends to replenish his stocks for pre-orders and launch.

Moreover, it is not only at the level of pre-orders that Sony worries. We learned that the PS5 version of the game Spiderman will not be offered to owners of the PS4 game, they will have to pay again to take advantage of the improved graphics.

Sony apologizes for chaotic PS5 pre-orders
PlayStation 5: the first photos reveal its size and ignite social networks
Until the end of September, Micromania will buy back your old console at a competitive price

Finally, Amazon is also entering the world of video games with Luna, a cloud gaming capable of running PC games.

Amazon unveils Luna, a cloud gaming service competing with Stadia and Xbox Game Pass

TikTok saved? TikTok in danger?

Who knows what will happen to TikTok by next Saturday? Last Friday, the United States announced to ban the social network from Sunday… before signing an agreement with the Chinese social network the next day. The latter offered 20% of the future capital of TikTok to Oracle and Walmart, partners of the application. In the meantime, Donald Trump has changed his mind and is calling for more. The application could ultimately be banned in the coming days.

TikTok could be banned on Sunday, if the app does not convince Donald Trump
Donald Trump approves TikTok’s deal with Oracle and Walmart
President Trump threatens again TikTok which does not want to come under American control
TikTok fears Donald Trump cancels deal with Oracle … and prepares plan B

A Tesla for less than $ 25,000?

Tesla organized its Battery Day this week, an event during which it announced that it wanted to manufacture its own batteries that were more compact, more ecological and more durable. The automaker also unveiled a new Model S with 840 km of range and promised a new vehicle for less than $ 25,000.

Tesla will build its own batteries, more powerful, less polluting
Tesla: a “Model 2” at the price of a Renault Zoe in 2023?

Lots of news at Amazon

In addition to the cloud gaming Luna, Amazon has announced new Echo speakers. The company also unveiled a surveillance drone capable of walking around your home in your absence in the event of an intrusion.

Amazon: its new Ring security camera is a drone
Amazon launches new line of Echo products

# iOS14HomeScreen

On TikTok and Twitter, Internet users have fun personalizing the home screen of their iPhone using the application Shortcuts. The results are a lot of fun. You can also use software to create custom widgets.

iOS 14: How to fully customize the interface of your iPhone?
iOS 14: how to install and customize widgets?

So much for this summary of the news for the week of September 20 to 25, 2020. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday for a new episode.

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