Push-ups are one of the best exercises. The reason that pushups are one of the best exercises is the myriad variations of exercise available. One of these variations of the classic push up is the push up soccer ball. Some people advocate the use of a medicine ball, but I think more people have a soccer ball hanging around the house than a medicine ball. Either way, use a ball (even a basketball) that you have around the house. Place both hands on the ball and keep your feet together. Perform push-ups just like you would in classic mode. You will notice that your heart has to really engage to keep your balance. It works a good part of your body with just one exercise.

You can also vary the difficulty of the exercise depending on how far you place your feet. The widely spread feet create a more stable base, making the exercise easier. Feet close together destabilizes your base and more muscles engage to keep your balance. Once you’ve mastered the close together feet, lift one foot off the ground to make it even harder.

You can even change the way you position your hands. Start with your thumbs inward, fingers facing forward. You can also try the thumbs back and the fingers inward. These variations will target your chest and shoulders differently.

Another variation is to have one hand on the ground and the other on the ball. Perform two repetitions, then switch hands on the floor. Combine these different positions to create many different combinations. Use your imagination and invent new variations. Soon you will be offering your own soccer ball training. Hope this helps you achieve your fitness goals!

Source by John G. A.

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