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During the presentation of its quarterly results to its shareholders, the manufacturer Qualcomm communicated some elements on its activity in the field of 5G. In particular, CFO Akash Palkhiwala stated in an interview:

We’re seeing a partial impact from the delay in launching a flagship phone.

What is the flagship phone Qualcomm is talking about? The majority of analysts favor the iPhone 12 5G. Which would confirm the rumors of delay which have been circulating for a few weeks.

After solving the conflict between him and Apple, Qualcomm is counting on the sale of circuits to the manufacturer of Cupertino. But the San Diego firm also plans to sell it to other major smartphone manufacturers and even plans to increase its revenues. Indeed, 5G chips offer better profitability per smartphone.

Qualcomm also resolved a dispute with Huawei over licensing. The Chinese automaker pledged to pay $ 1.8 billion in the fourth fiscal quarter, but still cannot purchase components from Qualcomm due to the US ban.

Source : Reuters

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