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spanish club real Madrid has been the best club in Europe for quite some time. The team enjoys popularity around the world and has been the leader of the clubs. They led the field, leaving behind their big rivals Manchester United and Barcelona. The club boasted of David Beckham, Ronaldo, Figo, Kaka and others who have played. Affectionately referred to as Los Blancos, they have always maintained the Galactico standard, comprising world-class players recruited from the best clubs in Europe.

They boast of having one of the richest boards on the entire club circuit. The Madrid club are also one of the richest clubs in the world, earning income from the sale of shirts, merchandise and tickets. The club has always been one of the best clubs to attract the most sponsors and is a big favorite with sponsorship companies who intend to make a deal with them.

Unearthing Club History

The history of Real Madrid dates back to the year 1912, when a group of boys introduced football to Spain. The group of boys practiced in the local fields until 1920, King Alonso of Spain granted the camp the title of “Real” which means “Royal” in Spain. Since then the name has been officially assigned to the club and the team has started to be known as Real Madrid in the country and later around the world. The club started playing games across the country with different teams and since then there has been no return for them. The team looked to build on their reputation as the best team in the country and just got better and better.

The club suffered a major setback in 1937 when all club activities were suspended and matches were not being played as the country engaged in a civil war. The club elected its first president in 1945 when the civil war was finally over and the president-elect ensured that the club was rebuilt. The club got a suitable board of directors and a group of experts was also hired by the president.

Ascension to glory

Real Madrid have experienced a meteoric increase in growth and popularity since taking over the game after the end of the Civil War. Besides their success in the national field, the club gained a lot of respect from the international circuit and were well on their way to becoming one of the biggest clubs in Europe. They won the European competition for the most part to this day and no other club has come close to achieving them to this day. The club have won the Champions League a record eleven times so far and are still going strong in the current seasons.

They look set to take the La Liga trophy this 2016-17 season. The club have also won La Liga a record number of times. The club continue to dominate the national and international circuit and maintain their stature as the best club in the world.

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