return to an almost “normal” life in Tel Aviv


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The ceasefire, which ended 11 days of bloody hostilities between Israel and Hamas, allows seemingly normal life to resume in Tel Aviv. Residents of Israel’s largest city are now rushing to the beach and no longer to bomb shelters.

In Tel Aviv, locals rediscover the joys of the beach after days of tension. Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas agreed on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, entered into force on Friday.

“The situation is difficult and complex. It is not easy to know what to do, but I am sad about this inaction”, explains Jivany Youval, an organizer of meditative events. “Our pain hurts us. Their pain hurts us. I hope no one pays attention to the extremists that we see in the media. A majority of Israelis want peace and some form of contact with the people of the world. ‘other side,’ adds Adi Ili, team leader in the tech sector.

The return of diplomacy

On both sides, the guns fell silent. Attention is therefore turning to the next step in the crisis: the return of diplomacy. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected in the region shortly to, among other things, try to relaunch the peace process.

“I’ve never seen him. He’s new. I don’t know what he’s thinking or what’s going to happen with him because I don’t know anything about him,” reacts Nasser Aburadwan, a market gardener. not going to change. What we had before, we will have it again. As long as the children of the West Bank learn to hate the Jews, we will never have peace, ”said Rafi Mizrahi, manager of a restaurant.

Negotiations are one of the few subjects where there is consensus between Israelis and Palestinians. Many locals place little hope in a dialogue that has not existed for years.

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