A year after the somewhat chaotic launch of its first folding screen smartphone, Samsung continues to pamper it. The Korean manufacturer is said to be about to deploy a new update on the Galaxy Fold which, normally, will provide it with software and functional elements of the Galaxy z fold 2.

According to our colleagues on the site Neowin, this will first of all improve the management of multitasking. We will be able to display up to three applications simultaneously and vary their shapes in a more flexible way, as on the Z Fold 2. It will also be possible to combine two applications so that they open each time at the same time.

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Do you like to take a portrait?

Samsung will then tackle the photo and selfie side of the device, with the port of a set of options present on the Z Fold 2. With your Fold 1, you will no longer see only the last of the shots taken with the camera, but the last five on the lower part of the screen.

It will also be possible to show a preview of a photo using the screen on the front of the device. A function that we particularly appreciated on the Z Fold 2 (see our video test below).

Use the Fold 1’s rear camera modules to take pictures of yourself while using the front screen to adjust the framing? It will also be possible. And they’ll be of better quality than self-portraits taken with the Fold 1’s front camera unit.

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For those who work with the Fold 1, know that you can project the screen of your smartphone on a brand Smart TV via the wireless Samsung DeX. The large screen of the smartphone can then be used as a giant touchpad to control the device to which it is associated.

Finally, the sharing of Wi-Fi password (s) between various compatible Galaxy range devices with secure transmission mode would be simplified.

Source: Neowin

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