Bad news for Samsung: its new Galaxy S20 FE is said to have touchscreen issues. Several users complained on the manufacturer’s forum, as well as on the site Reddit. Among the problems mentioned:

  • The screen does not respond to touch.
  • Touch is interpreted as a sweep and vice versa.
  • The scrolling starts jerky then stabilizes and returns to normal.
  • Slow scrolling suddenly turns into fast scrolling.
  • The display becomes jerky when zooming, when the two fingers get too close.

An example of erratic scrolling can be seen in the video below:

The difficulty with this type of problem is its randomness: not all models are affected and the symptoms are different from one user to another.
Our colleagues from SamMobile noticed problems on one of their two test copies. We haven’t noticed anything in particular so far about the unit we have tested and appreciated.

It is therefore difficult to say whether it is a software problem, which can be easily corrected, or a hardware problem. Samsung has not yet officially reacted.

Source : SamMobile

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