Saturday is rugby day and here are 3 reasons why


“Saturday is rugby day!”, That’s what you’ll hear from most of the people who play the sport. It refers to the most common day in the world that the game is played. I say that pretty much every time I see a bumper sticker, t-shirt, or anything remotely related to rugby. I still remember arriving for training one day and the coach said, “You’re with forwards today Miley.” I was like “why is he calling me Miley?” It turns out that name was given to me because of my phenomenal rendition of Miley Cyrus’ song Party In The U.S.A. at a club event the night before. It’s always fun to hear how you get your rugby name.

Now that you know a little more about me, let’s see how rugby has changed my life for the better. “In the beginning, God created rugby” is what I mean. He probably did a few other things first. He did; however, create the sport that millions of people around the world know and love. Disclaimer, not all of my rugby experiences have been good, especially when I almost broke some bones.

1. Rugby has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. I have met French, Ecuadorian, Cuban, Chinese, Polynesian, English and even African rugby players. I think there was a clown in there too. At the start of this read I mentioned how I scream whenever I see something remotely related to rugby. Even if I see someone doing a light jog in the afternoon, I will say, “Saturday is rugby day!” It is as if we are a family and we automatically feel connected to those who also love sports. From Miami Beach to Hong Kong, I constantly meet guys who play rugby. They will invite me over for drinks, at their kids’ birthday party, a guy even designed our current club logo for FREE!

2. It is also a great way not to lose weight. Imagine running a 5k and every 0.25km facing a 215lb guy carrying groceries around his house. This is pretty much how rugby is. To practice this sport effectively, you have to be in great shape because it involves a lot of cardio. Operation. Unlike soccer, but similar to soccer, play is continuous and there is no break between practices. The terrain is 100 meters long and you will travel the entire distance at least 10 times in a game. As of this writing, I was motivated to do 50 squats, so give me a second …

3. There is no better feeling than scoring a try! A try is scored by putting the ball on the ground in the opponent’s end zone. Imagine a touchdown in football, but you have to press the ball against the ground. Scoring a try is so great because of all the hard work that goes into getting there. Imagine a soccer player scoring a goal. That kind of excitement!

So I hope I have converted you to the nation of rugby and that you will come out on the pitch one day. Most cities have a men’s league and most colleges have a varsity league. I’ve played against UM, LSU, UF, FSU, Auburn and even Duke University. There is rugby everywhere. You just have to go out and find it.

Source by Allen Bryson


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