Seagate storage expansion is going to cost a fortune


Here is 1 TB which is very expensive! Listed for $ 219.99 on Best Buy in the United States, the 1TB Expansion Storage manufactured by Seagate and intended for Microsoft Xbox Series S and X will cost 269.99 euros in France.

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Basically, this amounts to paying 0.22 dollars and 0.27 euros per GB with this PCIe Gen 4 x2 solution. A faster (x4) PCIe 4.0 SSD with the same capacity is currently trading below the $ 200 mark (Sabrent 1TB Rocket on Amazon US). Not to mention the PCIe 3.0 models which, for the moment, have a cost of $ 0.13 per GB on average.

Almost as expensive as the S Series

This storage expansion greatly increases the price of new generation Xboxes. However, we did a little projection:

  • If you buy a console Xbox Series X at 400 euros and add the price of the extension to it, it would cost you 670 euros to double the storage space of the X.
  • If you buy the S Series which, for the moment, has only 512 GB of storage, no physical disk drive and therefore to whom the card will do “the greatest good” in the long term, the very attractive price from 300 euros turns into… 570 euros but you triple the bet.

This storage accessory must operate at the same speeds as the SSD modules present in the console (2.8 Gb / s of raw data, up to 6 Gb / s of compressed data) and, above all, allow the execution of the next games gen and the Velocity Architecture. Something that will be impossible to do with an external hard drive as powerful as it is, plugged in USB to the console. We can host games next gen but not launch them. Only Xbox One X and Xbox One titles stored on the super-fast device will be eligible.

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