Since February, Netflix no longer offers the first month to its new customers. The popularity of the streaming service is such that it considers its welcome gift to be useless even though, in France, Netflix regularly experiments with new trial offers. We were notably entitled in the first month at 5 cents a few weeks ago or by subscription “satisfied or refunded” if, after 7 days, the user is not satisfied.

By going to the Netflix site this morning, two new offers to our knowledge have appeared. We could subscribe to the streaming service for two months and pay only 50% of the subscription or pay the first month and get the second month for free. Funny ideas that prove that Netflix continues to seek itself.

The first 30 days offered sometimes offered

To change the offer, we must systematically change browser or device (it was once possible to simply reload the page). Sometimes, Netflix even offers to benefit from the first month offered, as in the great days. No one has the same, which makes us recommend that you be careful before subscribing to Netflix. It would be silly to miss out on an incredible offer by accepting the first contract offered.

With all these experiments, Netflix is ​​undoubtedly trying to find the perfect test formula. Which of these offers will attract the most new customers? If one of them stands out, Netflix will undoubtedly adopt it globally.

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