seizure of the headquarters of the opposition newspaper “El Nacional”, sentenced to court


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The headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional, critic of the Maduro government, was seized Friday by the Venezuelan justice to cover the 13 million dollars in compensation owed to a senior official of the Chavist party, following a lawsuit in defamation.

The Venezuelan justice began, Friday, May 14, the seizure of the headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional, critical of the Maduro government, to cover the 13 million dollars in compensation that a court ordered it to pay to a senior Chavist official, at the following a libel lawsuit.

“Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship seizes the headquarters of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional,” tweeted newspaper director Miguel Henrique Otero, citing the Argentinian information portal Infobae.

In April, the Venezuelan justice ordered the daily to pay 13.4 million dollars for causing “serious moral damage” to Diosdado Cabello, one of the main figures of Chavist power, deputy and

Complaint from number two of Maduro’s party

This conviction is the judicial follow-up to a complaint filed in 2015 by Diosdado Cabello against El Nacional following the reproduction of an article in the Spanish newspaper ABC which linked him to drug trafficking. At the same time, he lodged a complaint against ABC in Spain and the Wall Street Journal in the United States. Both of these complaints were dismissed.

“The process of paying compensation has started,” said Diosdado Cabello, number two of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on Twitter.

El Nacional, an iconic newspaper founded in 1943 by Venezuelan writer Miguel Otero Silva, ceased to circulate in print in December 2018, after 75 years of history, including two decades of opposition to the governments of Hugo Chavez (1999- 2013) and his successor Nicolas Maduro.

According to Venezuelan NGO Espacio Publico, more than 100 media outlets have closed since Nicolas Maduro came to power. The latter accuses certain media of serving the plots of the opposition to overthrow him.

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