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A Palestinian inhabitant of the village of Jalud, some 30 kilometers south of Nablus, in the West Bank, was violently attacked on April 3 by Israeli settlers, as he was preparing to repair an electricity pylon near his home. home. The images, disseminated by the Israeli human rights NGO Yesh Din, were widely relayed on social networks.

According to Sharona Weiss, an activist with Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights NGO, on the morning of Saturday, April 3, a group of settlers came to the Israeli outpost Ersh Kodesh, a settlement near Jalud, and violently attacked the villager who had come to repair an electricity pylon.

That day, the village chief of Jalud had come with an electrician and a group of villagers to repair a pylon that had been sabotaged by settlers. [dans le but de couper l’électricité aux Palestiniens vivant à proximité, NDLR]. Settlers then came and attacked them with stones.

But four Palestinian villagers still stayed behind to continue the repair. And the settlers left. At that point, the Palestinians called an activist from our NGO to tell him that they had just been attacked, and he went there to film.

The villagers moved away, but the elderly man seen in the video, a farmer who was on his piece of land, remained. They then went after him under the protection of the military, as the pictures show.

Caption: A video broadcast by the NGO Yesh Din shows settlers hitting a man with a stick, followed by other attackers throwing stones at him. Some of them have their faces covered with a scarf. By this time, other villagers who accompanied him were able to flee.

Part of the attack was not filmed: at one point, villagers returned to rescue the elderly man. But Israeli soldiers shot them with stun grenades to ward them off, and did nothing against the attackers.

The 70-year-old man suffers from several injuries, he has just been released from the hospital.

Ersh Kodesh outpost [ une petite colonie fondée en 2010 et regroupant quelques dizaines de familles, NDLR] is a settlement considered illegal under Israeli law. And yet, it is in a way legitimized by the authorities, for example the electricity and water companies provide their services to it.

On a second video filmed a little later by a Yesh Din activist, we see settlers putting down the electricity pylon, then leaving under the eyes of the soldiers who do not flinch.

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Video originally posted on the Twitter account @Yesh Din

Defense Minister Benny Gantz condemned the attack on his Twitter account.

Translation: “The incident, in which Jews with covered faces attacked a Palestinian and threw stones at him, is serious, and there will be an investigation. Anyone who throws stones, puts a life in danger.”

An unusual reaction, according to Sharona Weiss:

We were very surprised that the Minister of Defense condemned this attack. One of the settlers was arrested. Usually, such attacks do not elicit any reaction from the Israeli authorities.

The village of Jalud is wedged between several settlements. He has been attacked several times in recent months. On December 23, 2020 in particular, masked settlers had burst into the village, and gravel of vehicles and houses.

This type of attack intensifies especially during the harvest period, in October. Settlers prevent farmers from picking olives. He intimidates them to gradually push them to abandon their land.

Usually, Palestinians don’t press charges, because they don’t trust the police. Unfortunately, there is a culture of impunity. According to a study we conducted between 2005 and 2019, only 8% of complaints carried out by Palestinians resulted in a charge.

The presence of settlements in the West Bank, considered occupied Palestinian territory under international law, is often the source of tensions with the Palestinians.

According to a report by theUN, since January 2021, “There have been 116 attacks by Israeli settlers and others against Palestinians, killing two, injuring 37 and damaging Palestinian property.” “The Palestinians carried out some 170 attacks against Israeli settlers and other civilians, causing 18 injuries and property damage,” the report added.

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