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Apple is often accused of programmed obscolescence. Yet from a software update standpoint, it’s hard for us to say anything bad about Tim Cook’s business. Known to update its iPhones for at least five years (the iPhone 6s launched under iOS 9 has just received iOS 14.2), Apple even occasionally takes the time to update its old devices, the ones we thought were abandoned. Latest example, iOS 12.4.9. This new version is intended for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad mini 2/3, iPad Air and iPod touch 6 and provides security fixes.

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No equivalent on Android

In the Android universe, update policies depend on the manufacturers. The best of them (Google, OnePlus) usually don’t go beyond three years of major updates and stop security updates around the same time. For others, it is even more complicated, older devices receive security updates very late and often only get one major update months after release. Fortunately, Android applications remain compatible with older versions of Google’s operating system, the Californian being aware of the issues surrounding the fragmentation of his ecosystem.

At Apple, all iPhones, regardless of their year of release, receive an update on the same day. An unparalleled practice allowed by the closed nature of the iOS ecosystem which at least has the merit of respecting the consumer. We would love to see other manufacturers follow Apple.

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