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In a future update of iOS 14, Apple plans to tackle targeted advertising. Soon, when installing an application, the user will have to respond to a notification suggesting whether or not to allow ad tracking. In case of refusal, the advertisements of the application will not be personalized … which risks losing huge amount of money to advertisers. Facebook has also alerted to the damage that could cause Apple with this function.

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Worried, a group of French advertisers decided to file a complaint with the Competition Authority. IAB France, MMAF, SRI and UDECAM claim that this restriction does not comply with European regulations and ask Apple to abandon its project.

Private life or monopoly?

According to these associations, Apple is lying when it says it wants to control advertising for reasons of privacy. “This case is not about privacy. This is Apple abusing its power to weaken competition ” assert the four associations which seem not to take into account that Apple has not been in the advertising market for several years.

For its part, Apple defends itself by asserting that confidentiality is a ” fundamental right “. This feature should be deployed in early 2021 in an update to iOS 14 … unless the authorities give reason to its detractors.

Source: Reuters

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