Shannon Brown’s dunks are just as impressive as her vertical. The 24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers goaltender has one of the tallest verticals in the NBA (44.5 inches)! And he is only 6 feet 2 inches (not 6 feet 4 inches).

Of course, Brown was a disappointment in this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest (February 2010). He didn’t even advance beyond the first round. But most experts agree that this was not his last appearance in this contest. In fact, Brown has been soaking for a long time:

“This was going into my freshman year at Tim Hardaway basketball camp. I actually got a robbery, I was on hiatus on my own and went up and dunked it. It wasn’t a light color. but it was good enough for where I knew I could do it. I had tried gym class in my eighth grade before this summer camp, and it wasn’t working for me. Then I finally had my luck ”(Shannon Brown).

Although Brown did weightlifting in high school and college, he has essentially eliminated weight training from his workout routine since entering the NBA. In fact, Brown mostly sticks to pushups and hardly trains his legs! So for some parts, it has to be in his genes: Fast-twitch fibers work at their best. But of course, that’s only one side of the coin. The other side is the practice that begins in childhood. However, there is one thing Brown has consistently worked on and still does: core strength. It’s his little secret …

When it comes to jumping, core strength is extremely important. Without core strength, you cannot create the body tension that is essential in the jumping process. The core muscles allow the transfer of powerful movements of the arms and legs. The exercises that improve core strength are:

– Shoes

– Abdominal splint

– V-Sits

– Crunches

– Rear axles

– Squats

– Oblique twists

– Slits

– Superman exercises

But since you’re probably not as athletically gifted as Shannon Brown, you also need to work your calf, hamstring, quadriceps, and glute muscles.

Source by Steve Wells

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