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What do we do now that we know that the digital environmental footprint is set to grow exponentially? While the concept of “Digital sobriety” seems to have a consensus within the government, the Think Tank The Shift Project a report is released today on how this principle could be applied. “

With constant use, let’s try to consume as little as possible “, summarized one of the authors, Hugues Ferreboeuf, during a press point. An objective that is not necessarily obvious. “The emergence of new unlimited 5G plans and the operators’ new model of subsidizing the purchase of 4K televisions do not seem to be going in the right direction.”, remarks Hugues Ferreboeuf.

Digital is not the solution for the environment

Is it interesting to connect its lights or its heating? The Think Tank’s response does not stem from an innovative approach but has the merit of recalling basic principles. No digital use is beneficial or wrong in itself. You have to carry out a complete life cycle of each technology and examine each criterion of production and consumption to have the answer.

“We call for rigor in the way we assess the relevance of digital technology”, explains Maxime Efoui-Hess, the other author of the report.

The Shift Project offers a concrete tool for this aimed at ordinary citizens, businesses but also administrations to question the legitimacy of each technology. He developed a mathematical and open source model called STERM (Smart Technologies Energy Relevance), coded in Python.

The Think Tank also believes that the French government is not yet able to consider digital technology as a system and unfortunately continues to present it as the solution to environmental or even economic problems.

“” Responsible “,” smart “,” green “, all these words have no normative content. We self-persuaded that everything digitized was smart and by an incredible shortcut, that it was bound to be good for the environment. This reasoning is done backwards. First you have to measure and then draw conclusions “, underlines Jean-Marc Jancovici, president of the Shift Project.

It is therefore a real cultural revolution that is imposed today.

Source: The Shift Project

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