The reminder book has been mandatory since yesterday in all restaurants located in the maximum alert zone. The Ministry of Health specified that customers should leave their contact details which will be made available to the Regional Health Agency or health insurance in the event of a contact-tracing triggered.

It is possible to opt for a paper notebook or to keep a digital file. “In all cases, this data will be destroyed after a period of 14 days”, specifies the ministry. The CNIL has confirmed to us that it will soon be communicating on the subject this week. The idea would be to succeed in imposing good practices to reassure consumers, especially as slippages have been noted in other European countries where this provision has already been taken.

In Germany 10% of declarations are false

German daily Der Spiegel revealed that some establishments had taken the opportunity to improperly integrate contact details into customer files. 110 complaints have already been lodged in the states of Bavaria or North Rhine-Westphalia. For women, leaving their cell phone is also fear of being potentially contacted, or even harassed. The newspaper finally observes that around 10% of the statements are false or unusable, indicating a lack of confidence in the process.

In theory, regardless of the medium chosen by the restaurateur, the confidentiality of this personal information must be guaranteed under the European GDPR regulation. In practice, it is something else, as you will see by reading our testimony in the box.

Sources: Ministry of Health, Der Spiegel

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