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Simsoc Web Soccer Game is a free multiplayer online soccer manager game where you control one or more clubs in scenario-based soccer tournaments from England, Spain, Italy, World Cup and World Cup. other major football leagues.

You select the team and tactics for each match, seek out opposition, swap players to add strength and depth to your side. They then use your footballing skills and abilities to win the matches and bring you glory. You can change football clubs at any time and even register as a featured player in this game for your team (s)! You can move your club to a bigger stadium as you progress through the leagues. You can also control ticket prices to make sure you have a good deal, good tracking, and regular cash income to buy new players.

The game features league tables with graphs showing your progress over time, top scorer rankings grouped by league / division, a full transfer market to bid and buy your featured team with, Roll of Honor to show off your successes and a team building system that lets you customize the schedule so that each player develops the skills necessary to achieve their maximum potential.

The games are played daily, although some tournaments are scheduled to avoid weekends to cater for office workers who don’t use a PC 7 days a week.

Each member can manage up to 25 clubs, and above all it is completely free. Simply sign up and play in minutes.

Once the games are played, you can watch the highlights of your games, and all the others, in 3D with our free football game viewer.

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