Skating is a stylish sport. It is a sport which can charm and fascinate you and which brings magic and enchantment to the air. When you see the performers gliding effortlessly in the skating ring and performing incredible antics, you are bound to be in awe of their talent.

The whirlpool, jumps, glide, twists and twists may seem effortless on the surface, but they take eons of persistence and practice to reach that perfectionist level. The skater’s outfit is also very stylish and eye-catching while still suitable for skating, like leggings, short skirts or tight-fitting soft pants.

There are different types of skating, such as roller skating, ice skating, skateboarding, and snow skating. Each of the sports is fun and interesting in its own way.

However, among them, figure skating tends to be the favorite sport of many. Such a sport, played on frozen ice, is not an easy task especially when it comes to jumping and landing with perfect ease while being careful not to put too much pressure on the ice. Figure skating can be practiced individually, in pairs or in teams. There have been several figure skating competitions such as the World Championships, the Winter Olympics and the European Figure Skating Championships.

Championship events like this are a pleasure to watch as you come across all kinds of talent and performance at different levels. It’s like looking at a work of art. Unlike other sports, which involve cheering, shouting, it is a sport that imbues an air of sophistication and quiet appreciation.

Source by Piyali Sen

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