Skimboarding as a fun sport to improve your fitness


Skimming is done by standing on the board as it glides across the surface of the shallow water on the beach. Tricks like ollies, fist turns and pushes are often performed by novices and more experienced boarders.

If you enjoy spending time on the beach and are looking for a fun way to exercise, skimboarding is the sport for you. It is a full body workout that works all the muscles in your body, increasing your strength and endurance.

This sport can also be played on wet sand, which is ideal for beginners trying to perfect their technique. It’s a great way to get a group of friends together to exercise without feeling like you have to do boring exercises.

A technique known as flatland skimming requires you to stand on your board and drive it to shore on the waters coming out of the previous wave. The best time to do this is at low tide, when the beach is the most exposed.

Your first challenge with this sport will be learning how to get on the moving board once you throw it down to hover over the surface of the water. Once you master this technique, you can move on to more difficult tricks.

A popular maneuver is known as the Wrap, which involves learning to twist your body and shift your weight so that when you hit a wave, you are twisting yourself and your board back to shore. More advanced skimmers can actually ride the barrel of the wave towards the shore.

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