How do you make money on Twitter, even without having a lot of followers? To this question, some have found an answer, very inventive and not hesitating to hijack the viral nature of the social network.

Bloomberg, for example, reports the case of Blake Forbes, a 20-year-old student residing in Austin, Texas. The young man – who has only 8,000 followers – is looking for tweets that seem about to buzz, most often a funny joke or a clever pun. He does not hesitate then to appropriate it and reproduce the tweet on his account.

He and his friends then help accelerate the popularity of the posts by sharing them among their accounts, which collectively have tens of thousands of subscribers. And when the tweet goes viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes, a brand can contact Blake Forbes to promote their product and pay him around $ 30. The student did seven or eight promotions, earning him about $ 200 for posting these memes.

8,000 dollars in turnover

The brand Ocean Galaxy Light – which manufactures a mood light coupled with a Bluetooth speaker – for example uses this system to promote its product. Each promotion allows him to sell about three or four copies of his device. In July, almost $ 8,000 in sales were made through Twitter.

But the social network does not appreciate this practice which completely overrides its own advertising system. Since April, Ocean Galaxy Light prefers that the accounts themselves tweet the promotional link. Until then, they used to retweet an old tweet from the brand, but the practice lacked discretion.

Twitter is watching, but not actively

Twitter effectively requires users who get paid to tweet to tag the post as an advertisement. However, the social network does not actively search for violators, but can act on a tweet if it is flagged.

“Any implementation would depend on the specific context of the incident”, explains a spokesperson in a statement, adding that Twitter could issue a warning, limit the scope of the tweet or potentially suspend an account for violating its disclosure rules. Measures that encourage people to remain – as long as possible – discreet while creating a buzz.

Source: Bloomberg

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