For a long time, the SME was intimately associated with a professional activity installed in a small office with great proximity between the employees: questions related to the sharing of documents on the network, and therefore to cybersecurity, did not seem to be topical. But times have changed: today, whatever the size of the company, documents are exchanged in the cloud, the smartphone complements the computer in daily exchanges, and teleworking is more present than ever in the professional world.

Considerations that have taken SMEs by surprise, especially in recent months, where the business world has had to adapt directly to a real revolution in the professional world, dictated by remote working and sharing mass of documents on networks. However, the more Internet is used in the company, the more cyberthreats increase. And the finding is heavy: in 2019, 62% of SMEs felt that they did not have the necessary skills internally to deal with online security problems, according to a study by the American agency Continuum. A situation that did not get better in 2020 with the confinement, and which has put many companies in a dangerous position: “This situation where people are withdrawn to digital tools, with the use of teleworking in the rapidly expanding company, has been a real boon for cybercriminals”, explains Jean-Jacques Latour, responsible for the cybersecurity expertise of the government platform Cybermalveillance, which shows an increase of around 400% “Phishing campaigns”. According to figures put forward by CPME in 2019, the types of attacks targeting businesses are varied, ranging from 24% phishing, 20% malware, 16% ransomware, and 6% president fraud.

And the consequences can be disastrous for SMBs: 61% of those with a recent cyberattack were unable to manage it properly. Unfortunately, this is not so surprising, when we know that only 39% of companies have triple protection consisting of an antivirus, a firewall and an anti-spam.

Technical issues, but also economic

Faced with this state of affairs, which can be worrying, companies must seek to move in the right direction to sustain their activities and embrace the new trends in teleworking, without neglecting the major pillars of security. SMEs, which generally do not have cybersecurity specialists in their ranks and do not have extensive infrastructure, must therefore respond to essential issues: how to effectively secure remote work? How do you protect sensitive company data when a large proportion of employees are telecommuting? And how can technological innovations help keep the business competitive?

Investing in a secure infrastructure or even hiring security experts are obviously solutions that can bear fruit, but these steps are expensive and not always adapted to the economic situation and the activities of an SME. Many of the solutions available on the market are not designed for small businesses which, ironically, become prime targets for hackers. In this context, Microsoft 365 Business Premium is presented as a relevant response to this problem, in addition to online training, for example via the Security module of the Mooc MyPmeNumeric.

A turnkey solution for SMEs

Rather than investing in expensive infrastructure to install and maintain, SMEs have everything to gain by opting for a turnkey service, managed by an industry expert. This is what Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers: for a reasonable cost, less than 17 euros per month and per user, this solution is affordable and suitable for SMEs with less than 300 employees, based on the main pillars of the IT security.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium has two practical components: the first are dedicated to be used by employees to work remotely and collaborate in real time. We find the software of the Office suite, that is to say, World, Excel or PowerPoint, always up to date for both functional and security issues, and equipped with collaborative features. Outlook messaging as well as Microsoft Teams allow for live communication. These are essential tools for working efficiently, from anywhere.

Online and offline security

The second tier of tools focuses on pure security: Windows Hello, for starters, natively protects the system user from identity theft when entering their password. By opting for MFA, the two-factor authentication system developed by Microsoft, you can thwart 99.9% of impersonation attempts and protect sensitive company data.

Still on the subject of data, Microsoft 365 Business Premium allows you to activate Bitlocker encryption on company devices, which encrypts the data present and protects them against loss or theft of the computer: without the key encryption, it is therefore impossible to access it. Employees may also be asked to always back up their data to OneDrive, which prevents loss of files and slowing down of activity associated with such a situation.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also harnesses the power of the cloud, but also machine learning and behavioral analysis to scale to large numbers of cases, in real time. Because cyber threats are constantly evolving, Microsoft Defender presents itself as a reactive response that comes with additional tools like Office ATP, designed to protect the business against phishing attempts and other threats that circulate by email through fraudulent attachments and links.

Terminal management is also at the heart of Microsoft’s solution: you can configure in detail the functionalities of the account of your company and your employees through an interface with intuitive handling, which makes it possible in particular to secure data by preventing a lost or corrupt machine from connecting to corporate resources, or erasing data remotely. It is also possible to apply specific rules to certain documents to prevent their transfer by email or to prohibit copy and paste. Clearly, Microsoft 365 Business Premium leaves nothing to chance when it comes to IT security, and it doesn’t forget any aspect of it.

Try Microsoft 365 Business Premium now

If the prospect of integrating Microsoft 365 Business Premium If your small business interests you, you can take advantage of a trial offer to make sure the solution fits your needs perfectly. Contact a Microsoft partner now to get started with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

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