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Football boots have gone from traditional black colors to more vibrant, attractive colors. It is actually possible to find studs in more than one bright color. Of course, before choosing the color, it is important to check all the other important elements of your boots and settle for a color that works for you. But does color really matter?

Bold Colors – These have become the norm for modern soccer cleats, with most brands creating shoes in bright blue, neon yellow and green and even azure and pink. Bright colors are basically for gamers who want to stand out and be seen as they play. Bright colors are fascinating and work best for players who love attention. If you go for the crampons in bright and attractive colors, then you had better make sure your skills are also right, otherwise it will be very easy for the fans to choose you and ridicule you.

Black Boots – The traditional black soccer shoe is associated with a very serious player in the game. It has long been the main color whose design is more about heritage. Players who choose to go black are seen as more game-friendly than those who choose playful colors.

Choose colors

Generally speaking, the color of football boots is a matter of personal preference. Confidence is vital in any game and it is very important to choose shoes that match your personal style. It can actually affect your mental approach to the game. The color of the shoe may not improve your performance, but it can impact your mental state, thus determining your performance during the game. If bright colors work for you and in some way seem to motivate you to play, then you should go ahead and pick the bright colors that you find most appealing.

The highly visual colors also seem to have a co-relationship when players connect with the ball. Black makes it harder to distinguish between different areas when connecting the shoe and ball, which means players spend more time looking down to focus on that area. The brighter colors create a kind of definition and provide an easier time to look down and differentiate where to hit or touch the ball. This is something that may not apply to all players, but if you find that it works for you, there is definitely no reason why you shouldn’t go for the brightly colored studs.

Colors and personality of the cleats

If for some reason you are color conscious when shopping for your soccer shoes, you can choose a color that matches your personality. It is believed that the personality of your player can be established by the color you choose for your shoes. Black is believed to be for the pros as it is a color that suggests certainty, while white is for players bursting with class and talent. Blue shoes have experience and conviction, peace and quiet in the game, while yellow seems to be the color of cheerful, optimistic and full of energy and enthusiasm players.

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