La Rambla is a street in central Barcelona which has trees on both sides of the road and this place is extremely popular with tourists. Barcelona is the closest airport to this popular tourist destination. So once you have arrived at your favorite hotel you can choose to take a walk down this street.

La Rambla is actually a series of shorter streets like Rambla de Canaletes (home to the Font de Canaletes fountain), Rambla dels Estudis (home to the Church of Bethlehem), Rambla de Sant Josep (flower market), Rambla dels Caputxins (houses the Liceu opera house), Rambla de Santa Mònica (arts center). So, while you are walking this street discovering its beauty and magic, there are a few places to visit.

1) Miró wall lamp– If you are an art lover don’t miss Joan Miró’s circular tile work which was designed by the artist himself and if you look closely you will be able to see his signature on the tiles. Look near the Liceu metro and the Liceu theater and you will find that this city has a lot to thank the artists Gaudí and Miró who created part of Las Ramblas.

2) Museu de l’Erotica– The entrance fee to this unique type of museum is seven euros, and it’s a good treat for adults looking for a naughty little afternoon. There are hot models showing off the different sex positions, old porn videos playing in the background, stripper barbie, and a whole lot more that might interest you for a while.

3) Human statues– This street is filled with human statues which often look like a real statue. These girls and boys will often keep you entertained with their stuff and you can’t pass without admiring their costumes and makeup. They take over from famous celebrities and entertain tourists and children alike.

4) Show at the Liceu– The Liceu Theater has preserved the cultural richness of this city and often plays here plays from famous Shakespeare collections and novels such as “Romeo Juliet” and “Othello”. There you can enjoy opera, ballet, dance programs, concerts and many other interesting programs.

5) La Boqueria– If you like fresh fruits and vegetables and are looking for some on this trip, take a walk on La Boqueria. Enjoy a glass of wine and some street food after shopping. Buy fresh meat and fish and cook a steak there during cooking classes on the streets.

6) Art Gallery at the Santa Monica Art Center– This house-gallery was opened in 1988 and it sponsors the art of contemporary artists. Entrance is free. So check the details of the current exhibition and visit.

7) Placa Reial– You can choose to sip a cup of coffee and relax in this picturesque square. The famous architect Gaudi had created wonderful floor lamps, with which you can enjoy and take pictures. If you want to have fun in a different way, visit the nightclubs in Placa Reial and you won’t be disappointed.

Columbus Monument, Art at Palau de la Virreina or Center d’Art Santa Mònica, baroque church Eglesia de Betlem, Madame Tussauds wax museum etc. are other places that you would like to visit on your trip to this famous street. Just rent a bike and take a ride and you will definitely feel that your vacation was worth it.

Source by Paul Smith

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