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The Japanese group Sony has just announced its first project concerning drones and AI robotics: Airpeak. This is not a product announcement, but a statement of intent for the drone market.
The Airpeak brand appears to denote a technology platform and its purpose is to ” create value thanks to unique capture and detection technologies (from Sony, ndr) as well as in the 3R * in the field of drones “. The name 3R refers to Reality, Real-time and Remote, or “reality, real and distant time” in French.

Champion of sensors (50% global market share) and image processors, notably thanks to its Alpha cameras (Bionz chips), Sony had already taken a step in the direction of AI.
In addition to the first functions of detection and monitoring of subjects based on machine learning found in the brand’s boxes (including Sony had entrusted us with the exclusive arrival in 2018), the Japanese giant unveiled at the beginning of 2020 the first sensor incorporating its own “AI” processor dedicated to inference and local image processing. A sensor whose Microsoft has already seized.

Highlighting “ the proliferation of drones “And its impact on industry and” video creators Sony wants, with its Airpeak platform, to do more than just sell sensors to DJI and others. He wants to provide a complete platform.

Between the boom in the automotive sensor market and the development of drones, Sony has plenty to do. Because it is not on that of the photo, at half mast, or that of smartphones (competition from Samsung and collapse of orders from Huawei) that the Japanese must count.

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