Sony forced to reduce production of its future console


Will there be PS5s at Christmas? This question is becoming more and more legitimate. Sony has reduced its estimate of console production by 4 million units. It would be only 11 million copies that would be manufactured for the launch of the device.

According to Bloomberg, the Japanese company struggled with the low rate of return from manufacturing the console’s SoC. It would be very low, 50%, thus rendering every second chip manufactured unusable. Although there has been improvement since then, the yield still does not reach the expected rates.

First answers Wednesday

With the Covid-19 pandemic, Sony had to face two problems: the difficulty of setting up its production line and the increase in demand due to the containment. It is therefore possible that the manufacturer will not be able to satisfy all of its customers when its console is launched.

Sony is expected to give details on the PS5 on September 16. After the many information unveiled on the Xbox last week, the Japanese must fight back. The latest rumors point to a price of $ 449 for the classic PS5 and perhaps less than $ 400 for the version without an optical drive, dedicated to digital games.

Source: Bloomberg

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