Sony is preparing to open pre-orders of a rather special kind


Register on our site for a chance to receive an invitation which will then allow you to pre-order a PS5 “. This is the message that can be read on one of the pages of Sony’s American site. The manufacturer invites all players in the United States to register for this operation using their PSN identifiers and to watch their e-mail in the coming weeks.

For the moment, this operation is limited to the other side of the Atlantic, but we have contacted the French spokespersons to find out if an identical operation will be carried out on a European scale, or even better, on a French scale. Here is their response: ” This news only concerns the United States. We have no more comments at the moment. “

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First come, first served

By Sony’s own terms, few consoles will be available for pre-order through this special operation. We can imagine that the Japanese do not want to immobilize too many units in order to be able to properly stock the shelves of stores when the time comes.

If we trust the FAQ posted online (see below), in addition to being able to order the console (1 PS5 per PSN ID), it will also be possible to get your hands on the various accessories announced last June. . However, it is not mandatory to purchase them to validate the pre-order process.

Sony also specifies on the main page of its operation that the invitations that players receive will have a limited lifespan. Le Nippon strongly encourages those lucky enough to go to the cash desk as quickly as possible because all reservation orders will be made on a “first come, first served” basis. Clearly, receiving an invitation does not guarantee being able to place an order.

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Of course, Sony is careful not to give any information on the price or the dispatch date of the consoles thus obtained in its FAQ or on the site page.

Update of 08/27 at 11:28 am: addition of statements by French spokespersons.

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