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Nothing better than a good big Frequently Asked Questions to get to know a product. Especially when it comes to the playstation 5, Sony’s next console, long shrouded in mystery and the subject of many questions until today.

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But the time for questioning is over. Sony publishes a huge FAQ on its French blog. There is a lot of known information (on the SSD, dimensions, identical power between the model with or without disk drive, etc.) and others, much less.

Here are the nine points that caught our attention the most.

  • Function Preferred installation. PS4 gamers may be familiar with it and it will be featured on the PS5. And to be used without restriction once the developers have included it in their title, since the SSD cannot contain a lot of titles.
    Thanks to Preferred installation, you can choose which part of a game you want to install first. The solo, the multi, everything, you choose. If the game allows it, you can even download / install only the mode Difficult of a title for example.
  • Development of Remote reading. You can use a PS4 to stream PS5 games as long as the two consoles are connected to the same network of course. You can play solo or multiplayer (local) up to 4, the console supporting the connection of 4 paddles at the same time.
    Finally, you can also connect to the PS5 from another PS5, a PC or a smartphone to, again, stream games from the console on the screens of these devices.

  • The death of the Internet browser. It was present on the PS4 … but the web browser is bowing out on the PS5.

  • The end of zoning. Sony is lifting the barriers between the different geographic areas established during the PS4 era. Clearly, if you buy a game in Japan, you can play it on your PS5 without having to own a Japanese console. For Blu-ray media, on the other hand, the zoning remains.

  • No Sony-style “Quick Resume”. If you launch another game while playing a title, the first will close, the second will launch. If you turn off the console completely, you will not be able to resume your game where you left off … unlike what Microsoft consoles offer.

  • Of voice searches and entries. Thanks to the small microphone integrated into the controller, it is possible to search or even enter messages by voice. A functionality shared by the remote control as well (sold as an option).

  • No native 1440p, confirmed. Among the arsenal of image definitions supported by the PS5 are: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2160p. For the 4320p (8K), it will be necessary to wait for a future update of the console and it will offer it only when the contents are available in this definition. It can perfectly be connected to an 8K TV when it is output but the interface image will then be extended to cover the surface.

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  • 4K 120Hz support confirmed. Thanks to its compatibility with the HDMI 2.1 standard, the console can quite manage images in 4K on televisions with a panel refresh rate of 120 Hz. Sony specifies, however, that TVs offering this type of connector are not legion.
  • 3D audio in the headphones. This type of audio rendering is well and truly reserved for PS5 games because they will be the only ones able to support Sony’s Tempest audio technology. Backward compatibility or optimization of PS4 games does not appear to be possible.

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