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Sony is always looking for new ways to display our wildest dreams on its screens. And he takes a new step with this monitor really unlike any other.

Weighing just over 4.5 kg, the Spatial Reality Display (ELF-SR1) features a 15.6-inch panel that displays an image in 4K. It is mostly topped by a camera and incorporates a set of algorithms that run on the internal imaging processor. Thus, the viewer can visualize the objects or images projected in 3D, without having to use a specific ocular device.

All of the hardware and software mechanics can even give the viewer the impression that objects are “coming out” of the screen. This makes it even easier to visualize them as a whole, from every angle.

It’s all in the head … and in the eyes

The operation is quite simple: the perspective of the image changes according to your eye and head movements. It is the powerful on-board webcam that takes care of following your every move. However, she can only follow one subject at a time. Impossible, for example, to have the same perspective or holographic effects if you are two in front of the screen.

The glass that protects the slab is constructed in such a way that it can diffuse a beam at two different angles, adapted to the distance between your eyes, in order to blur your brain and thus create the 3D or holographic impression.

To materialize objects or scenes on the screen and take advantage of its incredible technologies, the use of the Sony SDK and 3D rendering engines is essential. That’s good, the Spatial Reality Display is compatible with two of the most common: Unity and Unreal Engine.

This external screen, cut for creators and 3D designers – you will understand it – needs to be connected to a good PC, equipped with a recent graphics card (HDMI socket). Sony recommends an Intel Core i7-9700K processor and GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER at least so that everything runs perfectly.

The brightness of the panel is given for 500 cd / m2, the contrast ratio reaches 1400: 1 and, finally, the panel covers the AdobeRGB color spectrum at 100% (temperature at 6500K).

A little demo before paying $ 5,000?

To acquire the Spatial Reality Display, it will cost the modest sum of 5,000 dollars. For the moment, the screen seems to be confined to the American market.

If you’re curious to see it in action, Sony is hosting an online demo on October 22, at 9 p.m. UK time, for which you can register. here.

Finally, know that our colleagues from the American site The Verge were able to test it and took some captures or even filmed some holographic / 3D renderings obtained from the screen. Quite bluffing.

Sources: Sony and The Verge

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