The ban on the sale of products incorporating American technologies to Huawei enacted by the government of Donald J. Trump does not benefit everyone: Sony would have asked, like Intel, for an authorization to continue to deliver Huawei, in particular in sensors. .

It must be said that Huawei weighs heavily on Sony’s sensors division: in 2019, an analyst interviewed by the Financial Times estimated that Huawei’s orders accounted for no less than 15% of Sony’s sales volume!

If Sony obtains a license, it will be able to continue to deliver the Chinese and thus avoid a too strong decline in its sales. And even though the brand’s Android devices are losing ground in Europe due to the American ban on Huawei from using Google services, the brand is very strong in its local market, as well as in Southeast Asia. South-East or even in Africa.

The sale ban affects Sony because, like many players in the technology and semiconductor industry, the Japanese use software or machines incorporating American technology. Sony is not the only Japanese group to have requested an exemption from the ban: at the same time, Kioxa (formerly Toshiba Memory) did the same. And the Koreans such as Samsung and SK Hynix or the Americans Intel and Qualcomm have followed the same path.

But so far, only Intel, which delivers computer chips, has received formal authorization to continue trading with the Chinese flagship.

Source : Nikkei via Huaweicentral

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