The billion-euro stimulus package unveiled on September 3 has yet to reveal all of its secrets. It is already understood that the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus will be maintained, to support the growth in sales of zero-emission cars. But on the side of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, it is also a question of further developing these purchasing incentives with targeted bonuses on used cars or long-term rentals (LDD).

Helpers that have proven their worth

According to Minister Barbara Pompili’s entourage, discussions are underway to create a new device dedicated to used electric cars. The market is still small and consists largely of old Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf, but it is doomed and to develop and it constitutes an entry point for many households for which the price of new is prohibitive. Consequently, the envisaged bonus could be lower than the 7,000 euros available on new cars, but above all subject to income conditions. Objective: to encourage modest households to replace their old polluting car with a “clean” vehicle. Initially envisaged for second-hand purchases, this new bonus could also be applied to LDDs, under the same conditions.

Since the first stimulus package dedicated to the automotive sector in June, 14,000 electric cars have been sold, three times more than last year at the same time (figures from the firm AAA Data). Purchasing aid therefore seems to have a direct impact on the number of sales of electric cars. But these incentives alone are not enough for the development of the electric vehicle fleet, which still suffers from a glaring lack of infrastructure.

This is undoubtedly the reason why the government is also planning that part of the $ 1 billion envelope be dedicated to the construction of charging stations. As such, the plan to create 100,000 additional terminals has been confirmed.

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