The US Pentagon’s Space Development Agency (SDA) has just ordered eight missile detection satellites, half of which from civilian space champion Space X.
Created in 2019 to prepare for the constitution of the “Space Force”, the SDA granted 149 million dollars to Space X and 193.5 million dollars to its competitor L3Harris in order to develop the beginning of a constellation of orbit satellites low terrestrial. A space network capable of detecting ballistic missiles (used in particular for atomic charges) as well as hypersonic missiles (ultrafast).

Each satellite in the constellation will be equipped with a wide-field-of-view infrared sensor to detect threatening launches and will communicate with relay satellites via optical links. Thus, they will be able to communicate their information in real time to all the American bases on the planet.

The schedule for Space X and its competitor is very tight: the satellites must be delivered by September 2022. If this first step is successful and if the American Defense considers the operational project useful, the SDA will proceed to the launch of 28 satellites similar to wide field of view as well as two others with smaller field of vision, but with greater precision.

Source : Space News

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